Camp Vamonos! is currently accepting registrations for Summer 2018 and for After-School Care.

Please call (512) 770-7789 or e-mail Megan at for additional information.

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Make checks payable to Megan Baker.

Payment Policies

Summer and Spring Break Camp

  1. Your child’s space will be reserved once a non-refundable deposit of 50% has been received. This year I am asking for a 50% deposit for all camp weeks instead of 25% in the hopes that this will cut down on folks expecting to change or cancel weeks. Returning families may ask for an exception, but new families will be expected to provide the larger amount. When changes are requested, I will be happy to make them when they will not make substantial work for me or cost me an enrollment; no refund of the deposit will be given for cancellations. Thank you for your cooperation with this new policy!
  2. Payment may be made by cash or check payable to Megan Baker.
  3. Full payment is due upon the child’s first day of attendance, no exceptions.
  4. Cost of camp is $185 per week or $175 per week for returning families. This includes fees for activities and public transportation.
  5. Please be mindful that, like other camp directors, I run a summer camp to  make a living and pay for my house, and I work very hard at it. (Offering a program where kids have a good time is icing on the cake.) If at any time you pull out of any weeks that you have committed to and for which I am expecting payment, the full  balance for those weeks which I cannot fill will be owed. Please do not expect any childcare at all if you are not prepared to make full payment for all unwanted weeks which have not been filled by other campers. This policy is non-negotiable. 

                 After-School Care

  1. Cost of after-school care is $250 per month, due on the first of the month. Twice monthly payments may be arranged. Rates may be prorated.
  2. 30 days notice is required to withdraw from the program.
  3. A $100 deposit is due upon enrollment as a guarantee against withdrawal without notice or sufficient notice.
  4. Parents will provide one substantial snack for the afternoon, as well as a water bottle, which I will refill.
  5. For days when AISD is closed, aside from the days that Camp Vamonos! is closed, children can come for the whole day for an extra $25 per day. Parents will provide a healthy lunch and three snacks. Hours for those days will be 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (earlier drop-off can be negotiated).