Camp ¡Vámonos!

Fun and affordable childcare during spring break, summer or after school
for your 5–11 year-old

Camp ¡Vámonos! is now enrolling for
Spring Break 2018
March 12th – March 16th

After-School Care is currently accepting enrollments–(512) 770-7789
August 2017 – May 2018
Monday through Friday, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Register your child for spring break or summer camp or after-school care.

  • Camp ¡Vámonos! is a bilingual camp in Austin, Texas, centrally located in a pondprivate home in the Crestview neighborhood.
  • Megan Baker, owner and counselor, is a bilingual mom with more than 25 years of childcare experience.
  • A wholesome environment that has the raw materials for unhurried fun and effortless learning.
  • Fun daily outings.
  • Summer and spring break rate of $185 per week; $175 per week for returning families.
  • After-school care rate of $250 per month.
  • For information or questions, visit the contact page.


The Philosophy of Camp Vamonos!

At Camp Vamonos!, kids can do what kids have done throughout history: test themselves in their environment by climbing, jumping, swinging, stretching and roughhousing. By doing so, they learn their strengths and weaknesses, ways to improve what they want to, and how to engage in physical play without hurting themselves or others. They learn skills they will need as adults: persistence, resourcefulness, and decision-making, all of which promote good executive functioning. Camp Vamonos! believes that children’s direct interaction with their world, as well as opportunities to make decisions, are critical experiences that will serve them throughout their lives, but which are increasingly missing from childhood. That’s why CV! campers are encouraged to use their bodies, their minds and their good sense throughout the course of the camp day.

My son loved Ms. Megan’s camp. He told me about all the cool toys in the house like Foosball and air hockey and the hammock outside. He also enjoyed getting to walk to the pool or the park and take public transportation to places like the movie theater. My son thought Ms. Megan was “really nice” and said he made tons of new friends. I really liked the camp because the kids played, interacted and did a variety of things each day. The camp had a homey feeling which helped him make new friends and it did not feel institutional like school. Megan was really easy to work with on any details and I felt my son was in very good hands.
                                   ~ Margaret

My son has been going to Camp Vamonos for a few weeks every summer for 5 years and he absolutely loves it! His favorite things about it are the fun science experiments Ms. Megan does and having lots of time to play in her great yard. He also enjoys all the field trips to both new places and old favorites. I love that he gets so much unstructured, creative play with other kids (and without electronics!), and also learns how to ride public transportation and walk to places in his community. Ms. Megan is so creative and enjoys letting her inner kid out to play with the campers!
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Kristy Gregg

“My son has attended the camp the last 3 years and he absolutely LOVES it! In fact, he asked if he could attend Camp Vamanos every day of the year.  Thanks to Megan for making it so fun for the kids!”
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Kim Greene